Climbing Equipment Inspection

Climbing Equipment Inspection

This course was designed to equip the equipment controller / Store man with the knowledge to control and inspect work at height Personal Protective Equipment.

Most of these accidents are preventable: Technicians need to know how to use fall protection equipment.  Another important aspect is a maintenance and Inspection schedule for personal fall protection equipment, to ensure that technicians who use such equipment are well protected from falls from height.  

To be deemed a Competent PPE Inspector: A candidate must know how to conduct the checks on fall protection equipment, know the proper and effective ways of inspecting fall protection equipment. It is therefore of paramount importance that inspectors be deemed competent and be effectively trained before conducting any inspection of fall protection equipment.

  • Companies have a legal duty to ensure that Fall Protection PPE is inspected; the course complies with: OHS act 85 of 1993; Construction regulations Section 8, SANS 10333: Equipment inspection requirements and SANS 33 specifications.
  • The course will be classroom based and will involve hands-on inspection of various items of fall protection equipment
  • The PPE Inspectors course content contains: The responsibilities of the duty holder, Current PPE Legislation and LOLER ’98, marking of equipment, Records system production, Inspection procedures, Fault/ Damage finding and control of disposal.

All of these aspects will make sure that the trainee leaves confident that they can use their own judgement when inspecting personal protective equipment.

Course Details:

  • 1 days of training including practical aspects and pass / fail assessment
  • Theory and written tests


  1. Physically fit
  2. Must be 18 years old
  3. Be able to read and write English to NQF level 3
  4. Functioning literacy in English (or African language)

Valid for 3 years.

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