Ronin Lift – Portable battery-operated rope ascender

Personal Electric Rope Winch

RAI is proud to have teamed up with RONIN Lift Company, based in California, U.S.A.

RAI is the official distributor for RONIN Lift battery ascenders in South Africa, Ghana and New Zealand.

The Ronin Lift is a Portable battery-operated rope ascender that can be utilized for industrial rope access, arborist, construction, film, rock climbing gym’s, wind turbines and recreational users.

Portable battery-operated rope ascender Portable battery-operated rope ascenderRonin Lift

The Ronin Lift seamlessly integrates with existing climbing technology (standard industrial rope access, arborist or climbing equipment) and can be utilized as a winch or for personal ascending.

The Ronin Lift has become the ultimate cost saving tool as it allows a decrease in man hours spent on site to access the work areas, by decreasing the time taken to access the work site, you increase efficiency of your work team, decrease fatigue and ultimately save money in the long run.

The specifications are as follows:

Ronin Lift

  • Lightweight: only 9kg
  • Rugged (machined and forged)
  • Variable speed thumb wheel
  • One handed operation
  • 600lbs / 272 kg continuous lift
  • High temperature range (-15°C to +57°C)
  • 1500ft / 460m battery capacity @ 91kg (standard battery)
  • 45m / min ascend speed
  • Hot swappable battery packs
  • CE and ANSI Certified
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Comes with standard battery pack and charger

Ronin Lift Instruction Manual

To buy your very own Ronin Lift for operations, for fun or to arrange a demo, please call our office

Roning Lift Price: R34’900 ex VAT

Spare Standard Battery Price: R4’500 ex VAT

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